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We offer the highest quality thread products to create exquisite embroidery. Our experience and knowledge of handicraft traditional techniques, combined with the use of the most up to date computer technology, enable us to offer a wide range of innovative products for both hobbyists and professionals.

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  Hand Embroidery
solid shades
anchor stranded cotton solid

Anchor Stranded Cotton - Solid Shades

Available in 283 shades.

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shaded shades
anchor stranded cotton - shaded shades

Anchor Stranded Cotton - Shaded Shades

Available in 20 shades.


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multicolour shades
anchor stranded cotton - multicolour shades

Anchor Stranded Cotton - Multicolour

Available in 7 shades.


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metallic shades
anchor stranded metallic shades

Anchor Stranded Metallic

Available in 3 shades.


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knitting cotton
anchor knitting cotton

Anchor Knitting Cotton

Available in 29 shades.


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