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Floral Melody

The origin of crochet can be traced to fishermen and their practice of net making and as a craft has been enjoyed across the world for many centuries.  Once again, crochet is enjoying a comeback and can be seen on top catwalks. Coats offer an extensive range of crochet yarns from traditional fine quality yarns to the more fashionable and funky, all giving superb results every time. Available with major handicraft goods stores around the country.

Butterfly mats

How about having some butterflies fluttering all over the house? They will flit all over your house with ease. Create these beautiful butterflies now!

Dollies with Pearl Dots

Pearl is always in fashion. How about trying it on a traditional doily? Sounds good? Well, it looks good as well. Floral crochet circles with glittering pearls to charm the table top

Floral Crochet Spread

“A place for everything and everything in its place!” The thumb rule for organized lifestyle holds good at the dining table as well. Table mats provide ample scope to show off your sense of aesthetics

Crochet Table Runner

Well-dressed napkins and napkin pouch to add delight to your table, there is much more to table décor than just drapes and vases. Dining table accessories add impact and flavour to your dining experience

Floral Melody

The centrepiece is often a masterpiece. How about adorning your living room centre table with a cool blue crochet doily?

Crocheted Accessories

Looking for a refreshingly different in fashion wear?  Beat the monotony of synthetic fashion garments- go natural with this green crocheted stole

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